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CEO's note
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From the beginning, the company has adopted the guideline of high standards, strict management, and excellent service. The explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof electrical appliances, meters, and fittings produced by the company are all based on the relevant international IEC standards, and strictly comply with GB3836-2000 and the "Explosive environment. "Explosion-proof electrical equipment" and GB12476.1 "Explosion-proof dust environment with explosion-proof electrical equipment" standards and other related standards.

The company has a high-quality management and technical personnel and a good staff team and has a complete set of testing equipment and strict testing methods, formed a product development, design, production and other work, has a perfect product quality assurance system. In recent years, the company has achieved rapid development with high-quality products and excellent services. The products are sold well in major oilfields, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical companies throughout the country. The company's marketing network covers large and medium-sized cities nationwide and is well received by users. .